Thoughts about the pandemic…

Well, the pandemic is not over yet. So, now what?


Many of us are still uncertain about the future, when the pandemic will finally be over, when will Singapore recover from the economic downturn, when will things go back to normal? This could take years before we get back to pre-Covid19 times. It is a tough time for all- employees, business owners, entertainers, free lancers…

Many of us are stuck, without jobs or without any confirmed jobs. But what we can legitimately do is hold on and be strong. Work hard and things will go right. There is nothing much to be done except to be strong and find simple pleasures in life. Spend some time exercising.. spend time with kids… watch a movie… Many things that you don’t get to do usually. So, why not? Take it as a break. Relax. Catch up with your friends. But of course, mind your social manners. safe distancing and personal hygiene. Together, we can overcome!

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